ARC reviews: Ashes & Antisocial Housing

Synopsis: Not your typical Cinderella story…

If she thought college applications were complicated, just wait until she catches feelings for the newest celebrity in town. Ashley Adams doesn’t have time for haters. Already too busy dealing with dead bodies after her stepmother purchased a mortuary, she is ready to put the lid on her judgmental peers and finally bury her high school experience. But her focus is shattered when a charming pop-star-turned-student needs her help evading his crazed fans. The last place heartthrob Harry James wants to be is back in school. Sentenced to finish his senior year after a case of accidental arson, the singer longs to return to the stage. But he never expected to meet a girl who could see through the fame to the real person inside. Surprised by the chemistry between them, Ashley is shocked when Harry gives her the cold shoulder. But with his publicist forbidding him from dating her, Harry must choose between fame or love. Can Ashley and Harry survive the turmoil threatening to tear them apart? Ashes is a fun and snarky standalone YA romance. If you like captivating characters, emotional twists and turns, Fairies and Cinderella retellings, then you’ll adore MK Harkins’ fast-paced tale.

Review: So.. I ended up DNF’ing this book. Ya’ll it was so awful. The premise was good but the book didn’t deliver. It’s basically the movie “Another Cinderella Story” (linked the trailer in case you haven’t seen it) just with changed names and the stepmother has a different occupation. Other than that it’s the same retelling except this book does not pull it off. It was really obvious there were either very little or no edits done to the book because WTF were these dialogues. It’s very much written like how older people think teenagers speak very “Sup friend! I too like the TikToks and the Instagrams & taking the selfies”.. LIKE EXACTLY LIKE THAT!! But my biggest point would be in chapter 1 when the friend says “He might like an exotic, Polynesian beauty like you” Like uhhh?? Why would you describe anyone like that? I just basically lost interest in everything after that.

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Release Date: May 27th 2022

Synopsis: Some land should never be built upon Called to a newly-built low-rise block of flats on a Cornwall housing estate, plumber Paul Cannon finds more than a blocked toilet to contend with. Teaming up with a pair of local police officers, Paul’s humdrum existence is turned upside down as something old and hideous stirs in the foundations. The tenants are vanishing, the nosy neighbor is in an uproar and there is something definitely wrong with the pipes. Uncovering a nightmare that stretches into the town’s distant, and often murky past, it’s up to a rag-tag assortment of local characters to ensure that what lurks in the walls of that cursed building ver makes it to the outside world.

Review: I really liked this book but I got a smidge confused with the Sarah storyline. So Sarah saves the survivors. We flashback which isn’t super clear either. Once that’s over Sarah isn’t there and has committed suicide?? How did she save them if she was dead? But overall I really enjoyed this book. I think you can definitely see the H.P. Lovecraft inspiration throughout the story, especially with the monster. Also gave me live old-school/obscure horror movies. I honestly would love to see the Archology part just as a book alone.

Release Date: April 30th 2022

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars



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